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I'm Joel Soria, find out how I can help you
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My goal is to boost the success of your company through visual creativity

My work never brags, but it loves to speak for itself.

My career

Nov 2022 / Present

At Vmsis, my focus has revolved around a broad range of creative services. From designing and developing WordPress websites to comprehensive branding and corporate identity projects, covering everything from crafting corporate logos to designing business cards and stationery. My goal is to bring brands to life, achieved through impactful presentations and bespoke visual solutions. Additionally, on a different note, I have a passion for creating memorabilia items that represent cities across Spain, capturing their charm and uniqueness in pieces that will stand the test of time. I am excited to continue exploring and growing in these two creative realms.

In my freelance stint at Taller Fantástico, I had the opportunity to contribute my talent to the world of art and illustration in a truly unique way. My work involved bringing life and color to various books for the iconic Barbie brand, as well as inking collectibles for Disney. I also collaborated closely with Mattel, lending my skill to breathe life into their illustrations, characters, and backgrounds. This exciting work allowed me to immerse myself in the magical universe of these globally recognized characters and brands, bringing my creativity and attention to detail to each project.

Taller fantástico
Wild Souls
Mar 2019 / Oct 2022

During my time at Wild Souls, I took responsibility for the graphic design and implementation of the company's website, covering aspects such as user experience, navigation as well as optimizing the visual elements of the website.

Additionally, I have played a key role in strengthening their brand image on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. My work in brand communication on social networks has focused on creating attractive and effective visual content.

Additionally, I have designed flyers, banners for events and online advertising campaigns, as well as creating physical applications such as business cards and t-shirt designs, contributing to a complete and coherent brand presence.

During my time as Communication Manager and Product Designer at WeDo, I led communication management for multiple international research projects. I coordinated a diverse team of 15 people from different countries to ensure that the communication of these projects was effective and cohesive.

Also, I had the responsibility of organizing communication for the different workshops, conventions and courses taught within the framework of each project, ensuring effective and unified dissemination of these events internationally.

In addition, I was in charge of the design and development of the web pages for these projects, as well as the creation of newsletters, generation of strategic content for social networks and the design of corporate elements, such as stationery, roll ups, catalogs and much more. My focus was on ensuring that WeDo's visual identity and communication accurately reflected the quality and importance of these international research projects.

Sept 2020 / Mar 2021
La Teva Web
Jun 2017 /Jun 2020

During my period at the agency “La Teva Web”, a company specialized in web design and marketing, my role focused on interface design and improving the user experience. In a span of three years, I had the privilege of designing over 70 websites, each with its own focus and personality, allowing me to develop extensive experience in this field.

Additionally, more specifically, I was in charge of corporate identity projects, where I worked on the creation and reinforcement of the brand image of our clients. This diversity of responsibilities gave me the opportunity to grow as a professional and expand my creative skills in multiple facets of design.



Thanks to my extensive knowledge and professional commitment, I have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned clients on a variety of creative projects. From creating captivating websites to adding color to books that tell stories, my goal is to always exceed my clients' expectations. Working with great brands has allowed me to constantly learn and grow, and I am excited for the future opportunities that await me.


My approach focuses on two crucial aspects: user experience and interface design. I create visually attractive and highly functional products, ensuring fluid and satisfying interactions for users.


Creating striking and unique images to bring your projects to life. My illustrations are designed to capture the attention of your audience and add a distinctive touch to your visual content.

Strategic design and unlimited creativity: the formula for the success of your brand.

Branding and visual design

I am proud to offer solutions that fuse creativity and strategy. My focus is on creating strong visual identities that represent the essence of your brand. Whether through memorable logos, printed promotional materials, or cohesive branding strategies, my goal is to help you stand out.

Motion Graphics

I transform ideas into captivating visual experiences. Whether for advertising, presentations or online content, my motion graphics elevate the narrative and attractiveness of your projects, providing a unique and attractive touch to your messages.